In the Wild 在野

In the Wild 在野

(2017, Hong Kong, Color, HD)
(由城市當代舞蹈團主辦之2017年跳格舞蹈影像節委約製作 Commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company for 2017Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival)







Frolicking on the streets in Central. Finding the lips that are  longing for kisses. Seeing the glimmer of rebellion in an never-ending tunnel. Shouting hoarse for passion that never returns at the top of Pitt Street. We can’t dancing. We have to tread on the edge. Be wild. Move our bodies. Revive our senses to life. Push against the absurdity of everyday.

Independent film director Rita Hui creates In the Wind with dancer Frankie Ho and songwriter Hin-yan Wong. Walking down street after street, performer Siuyea Lo uses his body to respond to Hong Kong’s rapid changes and to raise question the now through dance and music.

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