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About Rabbit Travelogue

Rabbit Travelogue was originally initiated by Rita Hui and Edwin Lo. This project is an on-going dialogues and travelogues¬† between the two artist (Rita on visual; Edwin on sound) about the changes and happenings in Hong Kong. Through the fictional character in the project, Rabbit, witnessing happenings and locating different scenes in Hong Kong, this project tries to articulate the two artists’ discussion about the changes in cityscape, soundscape as well as questioning and exploring the essence of memories about the environments that we have been. Past and present; absent and present; the artists are still in adventure among these.

About Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region

Central Region is a side project coming up with Rabbit Travelogue which focus on the travelogues of soundscape in Central and Sheung Wan produced by Edwin Lo. This project to certain extend is the artist’s personal records and diary of his wanderings in different spaces and occasions which try to reflect a different perspective on examining a place as well as articulate certain emotions towards one place.

The project is supported by Hong Kong Art development Council (HKADC) under Emerging Artist Scheme. It will be associated with one sound performance and a CD publication. The release of the CD and performance will be schedule on 10th, April 2010.